A Look At Medical Wigs

Make Yourself Feel Better with Medical WigsYou’ve been diagnosed with a condition (e.g., cancer, alopecia) that will cause you to lose your hair. You feel that you’re going through so much right now that you can’t imagine dealing with this too.

The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with hair loss. Fully customizable medical wigs exist, allowing you to create your unique look. While you may fear that this option will cost too much money, this isn’t necessarily true.

You can feel good about how you look without spending a small fortune. Take a moment to learn more about these wigs and why you’ll want to try one on for yourself.

What a Cranial Prosthesis Is

When you have significant hair loss or damage, you may wish to try a cranial prosthesis (a.k.a. medical wigs). Unlike traditional wigs, you can color them to any shade, part and brush them in any direction, and attach them very securely to your head.

At The Wigs and Hair Systems Studio, it won’t take you weeks to get one of these wigs. We can customize and deliver it to you in as little as three days. This timeliness won’t detract from allowing you to feel as though you’re wearing your hair. Instead, what you’ll find is that we can provide you with medical wigs that are better fitting since they’re sized and configured precisely for your needs.

When you get a cranial prosthesis, you’re getting a wig that’s been customized to meet your needs precisely. You may need to wear one because you’ve lost all your hair due to a medical condition (e.g., trichotillomania, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis, chemotherapy) or the treatment thereof. Their medical term is typically used by patients applying for medical insurance coverage or a tax deduction.

Features to Look For

When you’re ready to purchase medical wigs, you’ll want to ensure they have certain features. By taking the time to do so, you can rest assured that nobody will ever know that you’re wearing a wig. These features include:

  • Properly sized to fit your head based on measurements that are taken at the time of your first visit
  • An invisible lace-front, contoured fit hairline makes it feel smooth and comfortable feeling against your scalp while also allowing it to fit properly
  • Professional color matching of your wig’s hair to your original hair color, so you can keep your same look (e.g., hair wave, hairstyle) since the difference is indistinguishable
  • 100% hand-tied hair (a.k.a. Invisible knotting) from Russian, Europe, Italy, or India allows you to brush your hair in any direction
  • Customizable, so the wig is designed and fabricated to meet your specific needs

These are features that the medical wigs you purchase from us will have. You can rest assured that we take the time to customize these wigs to make them comfortable, soft, and lightweight. They are convenient since you can wear them without using tape or glue. These are just a few of the reasons why they’re the perfect choice for people who have a combination of extensive hair loss and sensitive skin.

Why Choose a Cranial Prosthesis

With natural hair wigs, you’ll enjoy a hair replacement solution that looks and feels like your natural hair. Whether the hairpiece mimics your original hairstyle or you choose a fancier style and color, it will help you feel better about treatment-induced hair loss.

After your treatment is over, your hair may take months before it grows back. Sometimes this may not happen at all. While medical wigs won’t replace the loss of your natural hair, their long-lasting, beautiful styles can help you feel better about yourself.

Make Yourself Feel Better with Medical Wigs

At WIGS and Hair Systems Studio in Tampa Bay, FL, we specialize in designing wigs for men and women losing their hair due to a medical condition. In doing so, we can work directly with a manufacturer to create the exact size and type of wig that’ll meet your specific needs.

With our wigs, you’ll not only feel comfortable you’ll also look great. So, while your medical condition may leave you feeling down, we look forward to helping you feel better. Contact us today.