How to choose alternative hair based on hair types? 

Human hair types are based on the place and way the hair is collected.  
Our premier quality hair products are made of Brazilian, Malaysian or Indian hair. 

Brazilian Hair
100% Brazilian human hair is silky, smooth and shinny and blends well with many hair textures. Compared with Indian hair, Brazilian hair is less frizzy under humid conditions. Brazilian hair always is the best-selling and top quality human hair type in the market.  

Malaysian Hair
Malaysian wavy hair can be considered heavy or thick while compared with Brazilian hair. It’s extraordinarily silky and has a stunning natural shine.  Malaysian hair is typically straight but it may also have slight waves at the time it is collected from the original donor.  It blends well with relaxed hair.  

Indian Hair
Indian hair offers a really smooth and softtexture. This hair is fine and is best suited for dark hair colors of any hair length and shorter hair lengths in just about any color.  

What is Remy, Virgin hair? 

Remy refers to the alignment of the hair cuticle, or the outermost layer of the hair shaft. It is collected from the donor in a way that keeps the hair’s cuticles aligned and going in the same direction. Another perk of Remy hair is that the cuticles are still intact and not stripped. 

Virgin refers to strands that have never been color-treated or chemically processed in any way. 

What is 12A grade hair? 

The highest quality hair in Human Hair industry is grade 12A. Brazilian hair grade 12A has the same qualities as natural or botanical hair providing the most natural look. They can be dyed and heat styled. 

How to take care of alternative human hair? 

Human hair products are washed using hair conditioning products to hydrate and smoothen hair.
Styling tools should be set no higher than 350F.  

Wigs and Hairpieces…  

  • Before washing gently brush it to remove any tangles. 
  • Wigs and pieces are washed in a sink or basin with cool water and 1 cupful of hydrating shampoo 
  • Gently lather the hair with shampoo and swish a wig in water mixture. Agitate gently without rubbing. 
  • Rinse thoroughly with cool water and blot gently with a towel to remove excess moisture. 
  • DO NOT wring or twist. 
  • Shake hair vigorously to detangle. Hang upside down to air dry or place on a towel overnight. 

TIPS: When curling your human hair, you can use small metal clips to hold each curl while cooling for a tighter, longer-lasting curl. For a looser, more natural looking curl, allow curls to hang when cooling. 

Hair Replacement Systems… 
Bonded non-surgical hair systems can be washed when taking a shower. 

  • Before washing gently brush it to remove any tangles. 
  • Gently lather the hair and agitate gently a base without rubbing. 
  • Rinse, apply conditioner and rinse thoroughly. 
  • Blot gently with a towel to remove excess moisture. 
  • Shake hair vigorously to detangle and let it dry or use the hairdryer.  

TIPS: To protect from UV, use a UV protectant to avoid yellow tone and fading color from daily environment.
To extend the life of your system, use SULFATE FREE shampoo and apply conditioner for 4-6 minutes after washing. Shampoo no more than 1 x week.