Hair Systems

Quick facts about non-surgical hair replacement 

Hair Systems are made on mesh or polymer (PU) basis, or combination of both, have different durability, different density.  
French lace hair systems where hair is knotted to the mesh are the best for achieving a very natural look with a lot of density. 
Swiss lace bases are by far the most natural looking and feel, but also one of the most delicate materials. It cannot hold much density, since the lace is much thinner. 
Mono lace has two layers of material. Silky fabric under the lace makes the softer finish for a scalp. 
The other popular base for the hair systems is a polymer base close to skin look, with injected hair into silicone. 
Other variations include lace base with poly on the sides and back or extra poly on the crown. These hair systems provide you that natural look of a full lace and a very similar feel in texture of course. The only real difference is that it provides that extra durability with the poly edges. Also, it makes cleaning much easier in the poly areas without damaging the hair system. 
Standard size of the base is 8 x 10”, smaller sizes are also available. 

Hair length 
Standard Hair length in men systems is 6 “. Hair comes curly and is straightened in a styling process if needed. 

Hair density 
Manufacturers offer different hair density like 90%, 100-110% or 120% or light, medium-light, medium. More hair can mean longer durability for you but it might look not as natural as your own hair. Specially with thinning hair in the back it is important to choose the right density for the natural look.