Is Wearing A Wig Safe For Your Hair?

Time to time our clients ask us does wearing a wig cause hair loss. Our simply answer is NO. But there are some factors you should be aware of…

Before wearing a wig, we usually suggest the wearers have their hair braided and wear a wig cap to protect the hair from friction. If you do not follow these steps, the hair is more prone to damage from the wig base.

Using wigs that are too tight or too small is a widespread cause of traction alopecia. Many wig wearers prefer smaller sizes because they want a strong hold that ensures their wigs stay in place and do not easily move around. However, wearing a very tight wig puts more pressure and friction on the hair roots, thus causing the hair to fall off or break over time. So, it is vital for the wearers to get the right size of wig in order to make sure the wig stays in place and firmly secured while preventing it from causing hair loss.

Do not wear wig on wet hair. Wet hair underneath a wig is a breeding ground for bacteria and wet hair is also more fragile and prone to breakage and shedding. Thus, always let your hair dry naturally or use a blow dryer if you’re in a hurry before putting on your wig.

Wearing wigs the right way can protect the wearers’ scalp and hair underneath the wig from dirt, UV rays, etc., and promote better hair and scalp health.

Using the Right Way to Comb Hair

Many wigs are designed with the hair mixed with the wearers’ hair to achieve a more natural-looking appearance, such as hair integrations and hair toppers.

These kinds of wigs are meant to add more volume to the wearers’ existing hair to improve the appearance while still looking natural and being easy to use.

After putting on such wigs, the wearers usually need to use a comb to have all the hair evenly and naturally mixed.

Instead of using a regular comb to comb the hair, try a wide-toothed one.

When detangling the hair, many people like to pull on the hair while combing it through, leading to hair falling.

What they need to do first is use a wide-toothed comb to untangle the hair before using a brush to neaten and straighten the hair. Gently brush to untangle the starting from the tips, then the middle part, and move up to the roots.

Choose a Comfortable Wig Made of Human Hair

Bad wigs are made coarse and rough. When put on the head, the base can cause very intense friction against the wearers’ own hair and therefore, lead the hair underneath to shed as time goes by.

For those who don’t want or like the idea of wearing a wig we offer Human Hair Systems. Contact WIGS and Hair System Studio for more information.