All About Density

Our wigs, toppers and hair systems have a light-medium density for the most natural look. The exceptions to this are customized order that have specifically been designed to have a lower or higher density. With thinning hair the lower density is the best while for a celebrity look we advice more hair per square inch. It happens that if you are comparing one wig to another, one may seem to have more density. This is often due to how the hair is applied to the cap.

With the same standard hair density but different type of knots the finished effect is different. With single split knot, double split knot sand double knots the knots are bigger and hair has more lift. This makes the hair look higher in density than other ventilation methods.

With the injected hair and single silk top knotting methods, the hair appears as a single strand so the hair density seems lower than other knotting methods which has 2 strand ends.

Although V-looped hair has 2 strand ends, the hair direction is difficult to control and it is likely to have a parting line on top. This makes it appear to a lower hair density.

We explain all the similarities and differences during the interview with our clients, and advice you the best solution for YOU.